Stunning Studio Apartments

Stunning Studio Apartments for Rent

Studio apartments

The studio apartments salt lake city are available with a single bed that also includes a mini kitchen, a sitting room, a bathroom and a terrace. The bedroom is just wow and is located upstairs. You would be wondering that a studio apartment has stairs; well yes the architects have tried to create some space in these apartments while adding some modern designs. So the bed has been placed upon the upper story just like bunk bed, under the bed is the washroom. The kitchen and sitting room are located on the opposite side of the washroom. Although the kitchen is very small and would most probably be explained as a mini-kitchen but still, it offers you with all the facilities of a huge modern kitchen.

Most of the bachelors, when going on accommodation hunt, tend to search for studio apartments. As studio apartments are much cheaper than any other form of apartments and space, they offer enough for single men or women, so most of the bachelors tend to go for these apartments. If currently you are in search of studio apartments then these apartments are going to interest you. Located in the midst of the metropolitan city, these apartments are equipped with all the modern and exclusive facilities.

The windows are very huge and covered with colorful curtains. The best place of these apartments is the area where the bed is placed. A window is located right beside the bed so you are going to get the first glimpse of the sun when you wake up in the morning. Although the washroom is small but it is beautifully created and you are going to love your time during the shower. The washroom has been neatly constructed; even a little cupboard has also been installed where you can arrange your toiletries.

A large sized closet has also been installed in the apartment so you can easily organize your stuff inside the closet. The kitchen is very artistically designed as it is equipped with a small sized sink, small microwave oven and a small stove. The kitchen is also equipped with a cupboard and an inbuilt small sized fridge where you can easily store your food and other stuff.

If you love to do swimming then a large-sized outdoor swimming pool is also available where you can easily do the swimming during the winters. An indoor fitness centre and an indoor swimming pool are also available. This indoor fitness centre is open for all the residents of the apartments so they can take care of their health and exercise regularly. The indoor swimming pool is open during the winters as the out-door swimming pool freezes.

Personal parking space is also available for all the residents. If you want to walk your pets in the evening then a beautiful park is located only a walking distance away where most of the residents bring their kids for walk. A common gaming room is also located inside the building where you can play different games such as snooker or chess with your friends or other residents of these apartments.